ISSN :- 2231-6078
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The International Journals of Drug Discovery and Herbal Research (ISSN : )is an online quarterly peer-reviewed international journal. The first issue of IJDDHR released in March 2011 & accepted widely. We are making all endeavored towards publishing original research articles, review articles, exploring research articles and short communications in Pharmaceutical and Herbal fields. We have number of experts from outside India also as our editors. We hope readers would find this journal informative and very useful.

The IJDDHR journal contains bulk of information that assists readers in understanding herbal medications and furthering knowledge on drug discovery. The IJDDHR journal fills an important niche in addressing a variety of individuals, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other health professionals. Unlike other publications, it addresses basic and applied research and makes it easier for all readers to know Analysis and method development, drug interaction, formulation & evaluation. Bringing you the newest research and discoveries from this fast-growing field, the Journal will further your knowledge in formulation, standardization and efficacy of herbal drugs. We invite papers from abroad as well as from India that make significant contribution to the Research knowledge related to Pharmaceutical & Herbal Research. We further welcome opinions and suggestions to improve quality and content of the IJDDHR.

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Dr. Seema Kohli.